Private Lessons
Champ the Lab

Most of time, sessions start with a 90 minute consult. During this time, Elissa goes over the main priorities while observing and working with your dog. She discusses goals and outcomes how progress looks in detail.


Private lessons are perfect for obedience issues that are specific to the home. Many behavioral issues occur in the home context and are best identified her and treated at the source.


Elissa is easily accessible and can always be reached with questions betweens lessons or even after the final session!



Private Lessons at Your Home (Obedience / Behavioral)

  • Initial Consult (90 minutes) $150
  • Discounted Packages (4 lessons - 1 hour each) $400
  • Individual Lessons (1 hour each) $110

Residents of Wilmington pay $80/hr after initial consult!



Private Lessons at My Farm in Wilmington

  • Initial Consult (1 hour) $100
  • Sessions (1 hour each) $60



Online Sessions

Contact Elissa to see if your situation would be appropriate for Online Sessions. Learn more HERE!