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Curly... little ... JOJO...Bean...
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The first few days at home. I am still trying to figure out 'who she is' so i can give her a name. Her official AKC name is Jolie. But her personality name? Gypsy... comes to mind but...

I have been calling her Beanie, Bean, JoJo, Jolie. Not sure what her 'call' name will be but i figure something that matches her mood, attitude and that works : )


2008:: 9 1/2 weeks | 10 weeks | 12 weeks | 14 weeks | 19 weeks | 5 months |

2009:: 6 months | 8 months | 10 months | 15 months | 17 months

October 7.2008 (9 1/2 weeks old)






October 12, 2008 (10 weeks old) with Bodhi (her big brother!)

Bodhi almost fawns over her. He loves her. Wakes me up in the am to get her up. Barks to get her out of the crate... has begun to get into mischief more often and is so so happy...

play 1

play 2

tug 1

tug 2

sleeping after some play...

sleep 1

sleep 2

sleep 3


November 1, 2008 - 12 weeks old...

Jolie is 12 weeks old... She graduated from Puppy School (thanks Sandi from BravoPup for another great class)


She is starting to bring me the ball (and tug toy) to share (ie. waving it in front of me to tug!) She is starting to really bond to me now. And I to her. Her call name is 'JoJo'.

I really love her. She is neat and everything and more. I am excited!

ball focus
focus on ball

looking at ball

focus on ball again
focus on ball again

standing shot

November 11, 2008 - 14.5 weeks old...

Sleeping on her back...


December 14, 2008 - 19 weeks old


head 2

pose intense

choice of ball


pretty sit paw up



sucking pillow

click on picture to view video

December 19, 2008 - 5 months old - open space trail near home

ball standing



bodhi jolie

January 28, 2009 - 6 months old


pretty face


lying down

sphinx down





bodhi and jolie

jolie and bodhi together




together again


together 2

bodhi and jolie together

8.5 months

I have noticed her face has changed some... She looks more mature in the face. it is filling out a bit more! She has a nice build now.

couch potato

head high

laying down

big smile

small smile

smile big



Jolie (on our favorite open space trail) - 10 months

She is so much more faithful to her training in the real world. Her recall is good. At agility trials we can 'play parallel to other dogs (she stays focused on me) and in class she is focused on me unless a rouge toy from another handler comes flying into her space near where we are! Then she bolts and steals it - must work on that (at least she runs back and throws herself at me with it!)



bodhi jolie



Jolie (on our favorite open space trail) - 15 months

bodhi jolie

running 1

running two


Lure Coursing - Elk Grove (November 2009)
lure 1 lure 2 photography by Dave Mills: pixf.com


Sibley Trail overlooking California Hills - January 6, 2010

hills w bodhi

hills two