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The name just wouldn't leave my head. Couldn't. I liked the way it rolled off my tongue. I have NEVER named a dog that doesn't end in a long EEEE or that is not a human name so this is odd. But he is special. so oddness is a quality of him ... Habbit.


2011::3.5 weeks | 8 weeks | 9 weeks | 10 weeks | 12 weeks | 16 weeks | 6 months


3.5 weeks old baby shot
humm. long coat... humm.....terv??? no malinois!


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April 8, 2011 (8 weeks old)
evil and cute... what a combo!



cu cute

super cu cute

cute / evil mixed


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April 11, 2011 (9 weeks old)
Trail with Bodhi, Jolie, Gracie, Jenny and Craig (who took the great pictures!) Knowland Park. He did great.





run 2

dogs passing

face 2

photos by Craig Wong  

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April 18, 2011 (10 weeks old)
Tug Training. Will he bring it back... yes!


teaching him to play with me (bringing toy back)... Habbit is a combination of forward, affection, drive and happiness!


tug 2

leap tug



photos by Craig Wong   (better known as Gracie's Dad)

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May 1, 2011 (12 weeks old)

cock head 1

cock head 2

bite tree

down grass

grasses 2

sit grasses

standing smile

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May 2, 2011 (12 weeks old)

working on recalls away from other dogs... he gets super excited when he sees them move but comes to me nicely. still.

looking 1

looking at gracie


scatter shot


portrait - Left to Right - Gracie, Bodhi, Jolie, Habbit

photos by Craig Wong   (better known as Gracie's Dad)

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June, 2011 (13-16 weeks old)

We travelled to Ohio for a Click-Bite Seminar. HE GREW SO MUCH.
By the time we got back he was barely able to fit in the crate and the harness was snug :)
He learned how to jump up on the bed on this trip and carry a toy and swim ... in a pool.


seminar 2

Guy and Axel Clicker Bitework Seminar in Columbus, Ohio at Posidog!


Always wanting to be part of the ACTION!



Creed in Missouri



Playing with Jolie in Motel room (Ft. Worth, Texas)


learned how to jump on the bed (Motel 6 in Ft. Worth, Texas)


Swimming at Penny's House in Houston, Texas

white sands

white sands 2

poised on White Sands in New Mexico


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6 months

Habbit Diving for Sticks at Rogue River, Oregon



6months head shot

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