Elissa and Bodhi

Elissa has worked as a full time professional trainer since 2000 specializing for the past 10 years in behavior problems.


She was one of the few  trainers in the East Bay that specialized in aggression and severe behavior problems and was referred to clients by fellow trainers in the area because of her expertise.


Elissa graduated from the SFSPCA Dog Training Academy (Certificate in Training & Counseling-2004) and did continuing education in Stranger Aggression & Social Fear (2005), and Dog/Dog Aggression (2006) with Jean Donaldson & Janice Bradley. She attended the Bob Bailey - Chicken Camps (Discrimination, Criteria & Cueing, and Chaining) and remains strongly influenced by Michael Ellis - Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers.


If you are looking for competition obedience and agility training, Elissa teaches group classes at Queen City Dog Training Club in Sharonville, Ohio.