Sweet Sari in Puppy Board and Train

Boarding in My Home!
Have a trainer take care of your puppy or dog when you are out of town! She will provide consistency and be prepared to follow the same rules in her household as your own.


This is a unique experience. Boarding occurs in Elissa's home so she can easily maintain your habits of WAITs at doors, CRATE Manners, no counter surfing and manners in general. This is the perk of this straight boarding situation.


Boarding is $50-60 a night.



Upgrade to Board and Train LITE

include 1 manners to train (contingent on a minimum of 5 days stay) of course! Talk to Elissa about your wishes!


Examples of Manners that can be introduced:

  • Wait at Door (crate / front door)
  • Dog Bed (prep for stay)
  • Leave it (do not touch food)
  • Drop (let go)
  • Recall-lite


Upgrade for $10 a night more!


  • Neutral or Social with dogs (can be in room with other dogs)
  • Crate Trained (sleeps in crate over night)
  • Ok with Being in crate for 1-2 hours a day (*exception  puppies!)
  • House Trained (or with puppies - crate / containment familiar)