Board & Train
Sweet Sari in Puppy Board and Train

Board and Train Overview

Wouldn't it be nice to have a dog that comes back when called reliably, responds to SIT and DOWN and STAY better and just generally listens?


Having a busy lifestyle sometimes gets in the way of these simple wishes. A Board and Train solves this problem and lets Elissa, who has worked with hundreds of dogs, teach your dog or puppy the basics faster and more efficiently! Then transfers these skills to you.


Your puppy or dog lives in her home with her well mannered resident dogs on a rural farm in the country. Elissa takes a maximum of 2 dogs in her home so that she can maximize the training and time with each member of the household.


Elissa provides manners training for the adolescent or adult dog. She covers down stays, walking on a loose leash, come when called, basic manners and more! Contact Elissa for more details.



Exclusive - Puppy Board and Train!
Let the trainer initiate house training, crate training, and basic puppy obedience (sits, downs, come when called, place commands and stays as well as walking on leash). Elissa takes your puppy EVERYWHERE and treats your pup like a member of her family. She provides appropriate socialization to people and other neutral dogs and puppies during the stay and lets your pup enjoy the pleasures of off leash romps on her farm.


Puppy B&T Details!
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Day in the Life - B&T on the Farm.
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  • Neutral or Social with dogs (can be in same room as my neutral resident dogs)
  • Crate Trained (sleeps in crate over night)
  • Ok with Being in crate for 1-2 hours a day (*exception  puppies!)
  • House Trained (or with puppies - crate / containment familiar)


The effectiveness of doing a Board and Train out of the home equals a real life routine that creates better retention of skills  more easily transfered to your home and you!  This is not as possible in a boarding kennel environment.