Board & Train
Sweet Sari in Puppy Board and Train

Puppy Board and Train!
Let the trainer initiate house training, crate training, and basic puppy obedience (sits, downs, come when called, place commands and stays as well as walking on leash). Elissa takes your puppy EVERYWHERE and treats your pup like a member of her family. She provides appropriate socialization to people and other neutral dogs and puppies during the stay and lets your pup enjoy the pleasures of off leash romps on her farm.







Adolescent and Adult Dog Manners

Elissa provides manners training for the adolescent or adult dog. She generally covers down stays, walking on a loose leash, come when called, and basic manners.


Your dog lives in Elissa's home with her own dogs and are treated as companions plus enjoy the extended fenced in property with exposure to chickens, ducks, and goats as an added bonus!

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