Why Board and Train your Puppy?

House Training and Crate Training!!!
Many families do not have the time  to get this moving in the right direction! Teaching your pup to accept containment can be exasperating especially they cry all the time. Worse, if they aren't contained then accidents in the household can become problematic. Elissa will help your pup learn to accept containment and provide a house training schedule when your pup returns home that explicitly tells you when to take them out!


Jumping / Mouthing / Biting

Another frustration is that wild and crazy puppy that can't be controlled. Elissa will teach your pup the basics that let them choose better options: Sit, Laying Down on a Bed, and toy play are some examples of what can be taught.


Exposure and Socialization

The critical time to get your pup out and expose them safely to the world is now! Elissa is qualified to show your pup the world! Her farm is full of barnyard creatures, her home with nice neutral dogs to act as big brothers and sisters. Plus she takes your pup on outings to her place of work (a local dog training club in Cincinnati), stores that allow dogs (Tractor Supply, Lowes, etc.) and on outings appropriate for pups.

The effectiveness of doing a Puppy Board and Train out of the home equals a real life routine for your puppy that more easily transfers back to you. Your puppy lives, moves around the house, and interacts in a natural setting - pampered by Elissa and treated as well as her own dogs.

Sweet Sari in Puppy Board and Train